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How to Enrol in Kilcoona National School

Thank you for considering our school as part of your child’s education.

We have updated our Admissions Policy as per guidelines in April 2020. Our diocesan office has approved our policy and our Board of Management has ratified same.

Please see below for a copy of the full policy.

Please also find below a copy of our Enrolment Form. If you wish a hardcopy to be posted to you, please contact the office on

We accept enrolments, as per our policy, from October 1st.

Useful Policies

Please see below policies which may answer queries you have regarding a practice here at the school.

We are an open school and we have no problem with anyone wishing to contact us to clarify any question you may have.

Please email and we will do our best to answer your question.

Work Experience Requests

We welcome applications for work experience here in our school.

Due to Covid 19 however, we have curtailed the amount of students we would normally accommodate in a school year.

Please see below our policy for Work Experience.

We wish you the best of luck in your future career and thank you for your interest in our school.

*Please be aware these are our general times, throughout the School year times may change
StudentsTimes (24 Hour)
School Starts For All StudentsYour child must be in class no later than 08.55 and ready for formal instruction which begins at 09.00
School Finishes For Junior/Senior Infants13.30
School Finishes For 1st to 6th Class Students14.30
Breaks For All StudentsChildren have two breaks. A small break from 10.45 – 11.00 and a lunch break from 12.30 – 13.00
MusicMusic tutors visit the school during the year and work collaboratively with the teachers.
SwimmingAvailable from April – June for 3rd class only.
Football/HurlingAvailable after school during Spring/Summer terms for children in 3rd-6th classes.
Coming To School
School begins at 8.50am. There is a school bus service in operation – details of which are available from the School Transport Section of Bus Éireann in Galway. It is a good idea to have your child’s school bag, uniform etc. ready the night before as it saves time and unnecessary rushing in the morning.
Initially you may feel it necessary to accompany your child into the classroom, but from early September children are encouraged to be independent and to walk to class independently.
Due to the volume of traffic at the school gate in the morning and evening, parents are asked to be especially vigilant with regard to the safety of all children. There is a one-way system in operation for all traffic. Please follow the flow of traffic and don’t block the entrance or exit.
Unless there is a good reason, do not keep your child at home from school. A child who misses school misses out and may fall behind in class. Please send an absence note to the school on his/her return. High absenteeism (>20 days) is reported to Tusla.
BoysNavy blue jumper. Navy pants. Pale blue shirt or polo shirt.
GirlsNavy blue jumper or cardigan. Navy blue pinafore/skirt or pants. Pale blue blouse or polo shirt. Navy socks/tights.
P.ERunners and navy tracksuit for P.E.
School cardigans and jumpers embroidered with the school crest can be purchased from the National Schoolwear Centre, Galway or Tuam. Crests can also be purchased at the school at a cost of €7. Please label all uniforms items. Please send your child to school in full uniform every day.
Please put your child’s name clearly on school bags, books, copies, etc. It is important to label all your child’s/children’s clothes i.e. coat, jumper etc.
School Bag
Buy a bag large enough to carry your child’s books. A seperate lunch bag can be useful in case of spillage. Please check that your child can open/close this bag him/herself. Most of your child’s books will be stored in school. Please check school bag regularly for notes from the school.
Books & Copies
Each child will receive a book-list. Please also visit the downloads section of the website in June to find the relevant booklist for your child’s class. Your child should bring all the books to school on the first day. Please cover and put your child’s name on the outside of each book. The teacher will keep most of these books in school.
Children need a good breakfast before starting their school day. This helps them to concentrate and participate fully in the learning process. A piece of fruit, a light sandwich and perhaps a small drink make a healthy mid-morning snack for your child. A sandwich and a drink or yoghurt for 12.30pm break. The school, together with the Parents Association and the Board of Management has adopted a healthy eating policy in the school and as a result, fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets and chocolate are not permitted, except for special occasions. Your co-operation with this policy is appreciated.
Please Note
It is essential that we get your child’s Birth Cert Baptismal Cert P.P.S. Number
Mission Statement
St. Cuana’s N.S. is a Catholic Primary school which welcomes all denominations regardless of race or ethnic origin. It is managed by a Board of Management consisting of Two Patron’s nominees Two elected parents/guardians – one father and one mother Two teachers, one the Principal Two community members. We are committed to the promotion of Catholic/Christian values. We promote a supportive partnership between pupils, parents and staff. We foster the holistic development of each student regardless of background, sex or beliefs. We strive for excellence in learning and endeavour to help each student reach his/her potential both mentally and physically in a positive, caring and safe environment. We value a caring and welcoming atmosphere in the school.
School Rules
Be polite and courteous at all times. Treat others as you would like to be treated – with respect.
School uniform is worn in school at all times, (Parents will be notified of any exception i.e. swimming day, outings etc.)
Lunch should be eaten in your classroom between 12.30pm and 12.40pm. No child is allowed to swap or share lunch without parents consent.
When you have been absent from school or when you are late coming to school, you must bring a note to your teacher from your parents to explain this absence or lateness.
Fighting, bullying (verbal or physical) and all other types of threatening behaviours – facial expressions, intimidatory glances and derogatory or undermining remarks are totally prohibited in the school or the playground at all times.
Pupils are expected to treat all school property with proper care and respect.
Items that are prohibited inside the school or its grounds: Pen knives or other type of knife, sharp or dangerous objects.
Chewing gum Money, except for specified school activities i.e. dancing, tour, swimming etc.
Children are not permitted to play in the school grounds after school hours without the permission of the Board of Management of the school, unless involved in an activity organised by the school.
1. Reasoning with the pupil
2. Reprimand (including advice on how to improve).
3. Temporary separation from peers, friends or others.
4. Loss of privileges.
5. Detention during lunch-break.
6.Prescribing additional work.
7. Referral to Principal.
8. Communication with parents.
9. Suspension.