15th – 17th June 2020

15th – 17th June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are into our final two weeks of our 2019/2020 school year. What a strange year it has been! We could never have predicted that the year would end in this way for us.

Following staff consultation, we have agreed that this Wednesday, 17th June will be the final date on which formal work will be marked from the schoolbooks. You will notice the work plans below outline work for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the coming week. The teachers will remain in contact via SeeSaw and daily fun activities will be posted on SeeSaw for the students to engage with. School officially closes on Thursday, 25th June. The teachers will mute SeeSaw on this day and there will be no further contact until our new academic year 2020/2021.

The Department of Education and Skills released a statement on Friday regarding the return to school 2020/2021 – however, it has not answered a lot of questions and at this point, is not addressing specific guidelines, so we await further clarity from the Department in the coming weeks.

Some items we can plan for are our booklists, class allocation, and book rental. We also wish to collect the book rental books on Friday, 19th June. Please visit the downloads section of our website for more detail here

With regard to book rental and school costs, please do not feel under pressure financially, email the school and we can set up a payment plan, deferred payment etc. Many families may have a very different financial situation following the pandemic and the school are understanding of this. The main thing we need to know are numbers for our book rental so we can organise the books in a timely manner.

Aladdin codes will issue this week – please ensure you sign up to Aladdin as this is the method we are using this year in order to send out the end of year school reports. It will also be the main communication method the school will use going forward.

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm regards,

Staff of Kilcoona N.S.


Please click on the class link below for the scheme of work…

Junior Infants – scheme of work has been sent through Class Dojo.


Senior Infants


1st Class


2nd Class


3rd Class


4th Class

5th Class Ms. Waldron

Templates required for 4th/5th:

The Iron Man Chapter 4

The Iron Man Chapter 5


5th Mr. Kerin

6th Mr. Kerin

Junior & Senior Rainbow Room – work sent by class teacher.

Please email the Special Education Teachers if your child avails of their teaching and if you need any support in any way…

Mrs Naughton – clare@kilcoonans.ie

Ms. McDonnell – saoirse@kilcoonans.ie

Mrs. Langan – tracey@kilcoonans.ie

Ms. Walsh – aisling@kilcoonans.ie


If you wish to contact the school with regard to any general queries please do so via email:




Thank you.