8th – 12th June 2020

8th – 12th June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope our update this week finds everyone in good health. We are currently working on our usual school business for this time of year, all with opening in late August in mind and we are waiting for official guidance from the Department of Education and Skills with regard to this.

We also have no dates as yet for rescheduled Confirmation or First Holy Communion, as soon as we have those decisions from our Patron, we will let parents know immediately.

Just a reminder regarding a message we sent earlier in the week, we are moving to a new Software Management System called Aladdin. We believe this system will benefit the school massively in the coming academic year and it also will aid us in sending out our End of Year School Reports which will issue at the end of June. Click here for more information on Aladdin.

At the request of the Department of Education and Skills, continuity of learning continues to take place – please find an outline of work below for the classes from Monday 8th – Friday 12th June 2020.

Our weekly advice –  please see the work plan as a menu of options that you can work on as suits your family situation at present.

If your child is overwhelmed, pick and choose from the work and find what works best for your child – link in with the class teachers and they will guide you with this.

Most importantly, stay safe and well.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Warm regards,

Staff of Kilcoona N.S.


Please click on the class link below for the scheme of work…

Junior Infants – scheme of work has been sent through Class Dojo.


Senior Infants


1st Class


2nd Class


3rd Class


4th Class

5th Class Ms. Waldron

Templates required for 4th/5th:

The Iron Man

Maths Trail

Biography Interview



5th Mr. Kerin

6th Mr. Kerin

Junior & Senior Rainbow Room – work sent by class teacher.

Please email the Special Education Teachers if your child avails of their teaching and if you need any support in any way…

Mrs Naughton – clare@kilcoonans.ie

Ms. McDonnell – saoirse@kilcoonans.ie

Mrs. Langan – tracey@kilcoonans.ie

Ms. Walsh – aisling@kilcoonans.ie


Please see the link below for extra resources recommended by Kilcoona – these are just some of the many ideas out there…

Click here for our suggestions…

Also, please note RTE are starting a ‘school on TV’ broadcast from Monday https://www.rte.ie/learn/

TG4 are also broadcasting Cúla4 ar Scoil

If you wish to contact the school with regard to any general queries please do so via email:




Thank you.